Gas Station Repair & Maintenance

Equipped with the latest testing and diagnostic equipment to quickly troubleshoot and resolve equipment issues. Mozika Petroleum Group technicians are monitored to ensure current certifications and trained in the latest technology to ensure a successful first-time fix. Our factory certified service technicians are the best in the industry and continuously improve their skills through our robust training program.

Regular maintenance programs like filters or hose and nozzle replacements keep your site operating smoothly. We offer a wide range of professional services to ensure that your facilities are running efficiently and in full regulatory compliance.

Our factory certified technicians provide preventative maintenance for:

• Forecourt equipment
• Tank monitoring equipment
• Line and Leak Detection components
• Fuel Dispensing
• Point of Sale and electronic payment equipment.
• Fuel filtration polishing
• Emergency Power & Fuel Oil Systems Equipment

We recognize service is about more than just fixing the equipment and we strive to provide a superior customer experience.

Our Repair and Maintence Services Are perfect for:

• Convenience Stores
• Truck Stops
• Commercial Fleets
• Emergency Power Fuel Systems
• Alternative Fuels including Ethanol, CNG, and DEF